soraya Dancses
I have always considered myself an organized person. Pre-kids, pre-chaos, that is! When Tina and Annie came over and completely revamped and reorganized our craft/art closet, it was like all of those little parts of me sang again! They were super efficient and worked quickly, paring down and compartmentalizing our supplies in ways that would have taken me an entire week, if ever.

I would hire these ladies to organize and plan my whole world. They are fantastic at what they do and work so well in tandem. Reasonable too. I wish I had known them when I was in the planning stages of my kitchen and great room!

soraya Dancses
The disorganization in my office had me nearly paralyzed. Annie and Tina came up with unique and practical solutions which allowed me to maximize my space and feel organized. I was relieved to have an outside, experienced professional create a workspace for me that worked.

Since then, Buddha has come back to help me with other home projects including unpacking from a family move and organizing our family photos and mementos.

Thank you Buddha in the Closet!

soraya Dancses
After moving 4 times in two years I was overwhelmed. Buddha in the Closet helped me see "a light at the end of the tunnel".

Their valuable systems have even helped me stay organized. I even enjoyed the purging and organizing once we had a game plan. I am grateful to have worked with them and look forward to future tasks together.

Happy Organizing.

soraya Dancses
Annie & Tina are miracle workers! They took the organizational challenges in my house & transformed them into practical systems for everyday life.

It is the first time in years that I'm not going into the Holidays feeling anxious about where I am going to put everything that Santa brings the kids. Buddha in the Closet helped sort through old toys & organize the others so that everything has a place. It is such an incredible feeling knowing that I already have designated places for the new toys before they have even arrived.

The peace of mind that I have because of the women of Buddha is worth any price!!! Everything has its place & there is a place for everything now. I feel more peaceful & centered because my house feels that way.

soraya Dancses
I highly recommend Buddha in the Closet. Tina and Annie provide practical, creative and well- researched solutions to a variety "home organization" problems.

Tina and Annie assisted in developing plans for high traffic / low space areas, such as our mudroom and laundry room, in order to maximize storage while building in enough flexibility for the spaces to evolve as our children grow. They also researched creative and useful ideas for a basement playroom and tight areas in the children's bedrooms.

Tina and Annie significantly improved our remodel experience and I look forward to working with them on other projects. They are professional, discreet and an absolute joy to work with. Whatever you may think you need to reorganize in your home, let Tina and Annie help you with it!